King Swami - JWG & "The Bright Seed"

JWG's featured song/video titled: "Family" by "The Bright Seed". Copyright 2011, jwggalleries. All rights reserved. Thanks to King Swami for being on it.

Writer, artist, stylist, Helen Burkun is a master craftswoman when it comes to photographing fashion, advertising, and even kids, Groovy ! Click the image above to see her work.
Age old racism fuels the murder and genocide of black people in Libya.Click here to see this article, and check out the above youtube video.
India's D s. Rane, artist and legend . Click the image above to see his work.
Photographer Lauran Marie thrives on the concept of capturing a moment in time. Check her out. Click the image above.
DAVIDA VIVA really is not your ordinary poet or author. Click the image above to see why.
Candi Guterres is building the whole world one stage at a time. Click the image above to see her.
Tony Haynes is uplifting the human spirit throuth poetry and song. Check him out, click the photo above.
The Asava Dance ensemble is bringing together song, stage and community through the arts. Visit them by clicking on the photo above.
Dancer Erica Smith-Gooden is building a bridge between performing arts and Caribbean dance expression. Click on her picture above to see her.
Adopted as a child, Romania actress Mihaela Lacramioara is looking to Splash in American cinema. Click the image above to see her progress.
Robert Watson's is a very "ECLECTIC MUSIC MAN". Click the above image to see why. Olivia Laryea brings West African culture to Southern California through her cooking. Click here to see her write-up in "Voice and Viewpoint", and click the above image to see her website. Photo credit to Kimetha King

They say you get better with age right? Well here's Akim Camara, violin prodigy in 2003, age 4 (left) and again in 2009, age 10 (right).

Orijin is connecting Africans worldwide through it's cultural magazine. Click the above image for details.
Susan Li has an amazing line of fabrics, coins and dancewear. Click the above image to see all.
Ms Ssugah has a jammin site for R & B, trust me ! Click the above photo to see and hear.
Sheena Nadeau brings love for health and experienced physical thearpy skill to "Live Liberated Fitness". Click the above photo to see.
"mingle and plei" is a new social setting based on playing games. Click on the above image to see their site.

They say you get better with age right? Well here's Lucciano Pizzichini, guitar prodigy in 2006, age 6 (left) and again in 2009, age 9 (right).

Gabrielle Gold
Gabrielle Douglas becomes the first American woman to win team and individual all-around gold medals in Olympic gymnastics.
Gabby receives her medal.

Gabby hears the national anthem.

Dr. Sebi ... "Eat to Live or Eat to Die"

Can All disease be cured by eliminating mucus from the body? Watch Dr. Sebi's video above and click here to see his website.

Above the Influence | We Rise Together

"Every teen's life is filled with pressure, some good, some bad. Above the Influence wants teens to recognize the negative pressures in their lives and stand up to them, including the pressure to use drugs and alcohol ... " Above the Influence

Rhonda Merrick

"Through I wrote songs everyday in 2011. This is the final song on December 31st... It's number 365. It's about all the things I've read and heard about when I sought inspiration for the song of the day. I honestly hope 'This Year' will come true...someday. " Rhonda Merrick.

Lois Mahalia

"My friend of many years Kenny Loggins produced this song, and is currently working on more with me for me:) I am honored and so thankful. Thank you to Vanessa Isaac for Portuguese Translation!! Then together with Kris Washburn and editors Corey Norman and Jimmy Collins, we have a great video that was filmed on the beautiful mountains and ocean of Portland Maine ......... I would love to know what you think" Lois Mahalia.

Lisa Lavie

"Thank you all so much for showing me Crazy amounts of love on my videos ..." Lisa Lavie

Humpback Whale Rescue

"Michael Fishbach, co-founder of The Great Whale Conservancy (GWC), narrates his encounter with a young humpback whale entangled in local fishing nets."..... Wake Up World

"Network After Dark" hosting SNAZY events for the social professional. For info click on the above photo.

The indigenous art of Wayne Krause depict the "conflict between European and traditional Australian aboriginal spiritual beliefs and philosophies". Click the above photo for more.

When u are hopeless- see it

"his video makes you believe that all your life problems are very small, i just enjoy every minutes of this video to see how to those people teached them self to live happy with their problems " hesjuscool1

There may be a cure for Sickle Cell but it's out of reach for many if not most who suffer from it. Click the above image to visit the online magazine "The Root". Photo by Meredith Rizzo.

Singer, writer, artist, teacher Ronita Aliece is bringing us "what's next" in her sparkling new web-series "City Sheets". Click here to see her website and click the above video to see her web series.

Dulce Capadocia, A dancer of infinite grace and presence. Click the above photo to see the website.

It's Annisha Smith coming, ready or not. Click the above photo to see her video.

Archaeologists Find Tunnel Below the Temple of the Feathered Serpent in Teotihuacan. Click the image above to see more. Photo: CNMH INAH.

William Pope is giving modern art a "shot in the arm". Click here to see his "Boss"interview and click the above image to see his "crawling video".

Whirling Dervishes of mexico's voladores cross cultural links to Turkey, Persia and Mongolia, click here to see, and click the above image to see their dangerous ceremony.

A mobile 22+ piece big band spectacular with electric bass, costumed dancers, stilt walkers, and many more theatrics. Click here to see their website, and click the above image to see their video. Photo Courtesy Andy Batt

Media misinformation and sophisticated pedophile techniques support the dirty practice of child abuse. Click the above image for details.

Art Mortimer paints muriel in Alhambra, December 2010. Click the image above for his website.


"King Swami" by photographer JWG
"King Swami" by photographer JWG
"King Swami" by photographer JWG.
The rising star of artist Salaam Muhammad. Click the above image or click Here to see him on facebook.
Visit photographer No Montes here
photographer No Montes
photographer No Montes
See artist Arves Muzzelle here
Joel Pillar
Joel Pillar
Naranja......"No Soy Matona"
Musicosuzy...."spirit of peace"
Mary S
Mary S
Billy Holmes......Mountain Man
Billy Holmes......Mountain Man

Artist Links

Vigore magazine writer, Singer Rhonda Merrick's song "27 club" can be heard by clicking the above photo. "The '27 Club' is Song 205 of the 365 songs I wrote in 2011. I wrote this one the day Amy Winehouse died. Someone wrote she'd gone-ahead and joined the 27 Club, so I looked it up on Wiki and realised the 'club' is filled with famous rockers and blues singers that all died at the age of 27... usually due to drug abuse"

Entertainment professional Petra Wright is promoting her gallerie's new video "Lifeline" a collection of many exciting voices in the fields of painting, photography, mixed media and glass sculpture. Click the above photo to see what's going on.

"Black women with real hair" is a blog page started by Tamara McDaniel. Click the above image to see her sensational site.


The Art of Healing

Religion and the Zodiac...Don't give up your religion, just understand it!

Video by Zeitgeist